Hi there! I’m Lilly. My friends call me Lil, Lillian or Lil Wil. I cry at most significant parts of a wedding, but one of the sweetest, most intimate moments to me (and the one I cry the hardest at) is during the unity portion of the ceremony when a groom gets to pray for his bride for the first time as one. It seems to be the only time when you can rest amongst the chaos and truly be still in front of the Lord. Sadly for me, it was the most awkward part of my own wedding day, but we won’t get into that. I live for life’s most ordinary moments like gathering around a table over food and great conversation, drinking coffee on the front porch, intense family game nights, and dancing in the kitchen with my husband. I rearrange my living room just about every two weeks, a good throw pillow makes my heart sing, I wish I was a member of the Dixie Chicks, and I have every kitchen gadget you can imagine. I love hosting, hand-written letters, and my puppy Mire. Enough about me, I can’t wait to meet YOU!