What Type Of Wedding Is Right For You?

So you are engaged and cannot decide what type of wedding is best for you and your fiancé - I'm not talking theme, but size. We have all been to traditionally planned and large weddings -  hundreds of guests, bridal parties and a three course meal, but is that what you truly want for your big day? And it's ok to say NO!  I love weddings of all sizes,  but I do understand that a large wedding is not for everyone.  There are multiple factors that can play into this decision and as a wedding planner I am here to help you sort through them.

If a large and traditionally planned wedding is perfect for you, I love it! But if you are unsure and these words appeal to you… Budget friendly, Smaller guest list, Intimate wedding day...this could be a sign you are headed towards a nontraditional wedding and you may consider a micro or elopement/popup wedding!


Micro Wedding

I am seeing this type of wedding become more and more popular! You don't want to throw an extravagant wedding, yet you still want to include beautiful details and celebrate with family and close friends - this allows a more personal day and you can connect with guests individually.

A micro wedding is the perfect compromise between an elopement and Traditional Wedding.  A challenge with this type of celebration is managing your guest list. Omitting guests can hurt feelings, which can be a difficult decision for you. If you are able to narrow down your guest list to 60 or less this type of wedding becomes more and more appealing. With less guests you right-out have a decreased budget and stress. You send out less invitations, will set less tables, etc. YET! This does not mean your day has to be without the flare of details and design! A plus side to a smaller guest count is your budget will go further, especially in the categories you want to prioritize.

We knew we wanted to celebrate our special day with our families but wanted to do so on a smaller scale than a traditional wedding. After learning about Sara Elizabeth Weddings and seeing her work, I fell in love with her various styles and knew that she was the answer to helping bring our vision to life! Having a micro wedding is allowing us to keep our wedding intimate while still including design and photographs to remember our special day.
— Allison Hollenstine

A micro wedding can still be full of tradition, you can customize your day to what is personal and most important to you.    

Elopement / PopUp Wedding

Consider an elopement wedding (can also be known as a popup) if you are wanting a quick engagement with a low key ceremony and celebration...if this fits your style I'm letting you know you do NOT have to visit the courthouse to accomplish this!

An elopement or popup wedding is typically planned within weeks with a guest list less than a micro wedding, think 30-40 guests MAX. They can also be as simple as just you, the couple! 


As with a mirco wedding, you don't have to skimp on the details when planning an elopement. If a small guest list is a must for your elopement, consider these elements to include…a pop of flora for your ceremony, a beautiful bouquet for yourself, detail filled invitations, welcome bags for your guests (if you’re are having a destination elopement) and you can always include an intimate and fully designed cocktail hour to cheers over champagne and relish your day together. 


While micro, popup and elopement weddings differ from traditional weddings due to the size alone, don't be fooled, they can still be full of design, personality and even traditional wedding elements. For example, don’t be afraid to include first looks, toasts, a first dance and a cake cutting! 

Another key element to not forget is a professional photographer. Even if your elopement will only be you and your fiancé I would highly recommend investing in a photographer to capture your special day. These photographs will be what you cherish for the rest of your lives!

We always knew we wanted our wedding to be small, simple and personal. We are both very laid back people, and found the process of planning a traditional wedding to be a little bit overwhelming. For me, as a bride, an elopement with familial witnesses was the absolute best case scenario. I knew I would find a large crowd stressful, and I get nervous when too many people are looking at me! But, we knew that we wanted to share the day with our families, and because we decided to have a destination elopement, we were able to spend the whole weekend with our families. This meant that, on our wedding day, Ryan and I could focus solely on each other. It was really important to us that our wedding day was, more than anything, about our love for each other. Keeping it simple and small made that pretty easy! Ultimately, the flexibility and intimacy of a mountain elopement was the best match for our personalities and our relationship.
— Ali McCarty

At the end of the day, whether you decide to plan a traditional wedding or an intimate celebration, it's all about what is meaningful to you!

Photos: Courtney Dueppengiesser Photography

If you are still torn between a traditional wedding or a more intimate affair. Or you what to ensure your wedding - traditional, micro or elopement - Is full of personal design, details and smoothly planned, I am here for you! Head to my Let’s Chat page and let’s begin the process today!