Wedding Planning Is No Longer A Luxury, But A Necessity.

There is a misconception that working with a wedding planner is a luxury, but it is not! A wedding planner is an essential part to your wedding team, and can assist in multilple ways in bringing your wedding dreams to life. 

The idea of working with a wedding planner is still a new concept to the local wedding market, but the service of a wedding planner should not be underestimated!

You work with a photographer to capture your wedding day, all of the smiles and emotions, you work with a caterer to enjoy a meal with your guests, a florist to set the atmosphere and many other vendors to ensure your wedding is everything you dreamed.

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So why wouldn't you work with a wedding planner?

A wedding planner knows the market prices and can negotiate for you and save you money.  A wedding planner will keep you organized, will handle your vendor research, can handle sticky situations for you and create designs unique to you. 

A wedding planner will manage the weeks leading up to your wedding, some of the most stressful weeks of the planning process, and of course manage your wedding day!

These are only a few of the many benefits of working with a wedding planner, and as you can see, a wedding planner is just as an essential part to your wedding team as your other amazing vendors are!

I hope you take this information and re-evaluate the VALUE of a wedding planner, and how working with one can transform your wedding experience. 

My mission is to give you an amazing wedding experience.
— Sara Reddick

When you work with me I will do more than cross items off a checklist.

I will dive into your story and create a wedding design that is specific to you! One of my favorite aspects of planning weddings and events is the freedom of creativity. 

I will help lock-in quality products and partner you with vendors who fit your style and most importantly, your budget!

And execution: This could easily be the most important service of a wedding planner. You have spent your hard earned money and countless hours preparing your wedding day. There are so many moving segments involved, just think about how many vendors you are working with. When working with me your stress level will be minimized, you have someone you can trust and who has experience to handle the details and efficiently manage your wedding day.

While I am handling the details and any possible crisis that may arise, your vendors can concentrate on the job you hired them to do, and serve you at the highest level.

My focus is always on your experience.

I became a wedding planner out of passion and personal fulfillment, but also for the power to give and help.  I believe in the service I am providing, and to see a couple and their loved ones truly enjoying their wedding day without a care in the world is what makes my job so rewarding.  

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