How To Create Welcome Gifts Your Guests Will Love

Who doesn’t love checking into their hotel or arriving to a welcome party for a wedding weekend to be greeted with a beautifully, thought out welcome gift? Are you a bride who has been debating whether or not to provide gifts for your hotel guests or unsure of what to include? It’s a fun way to show your guests your appreciation and prepare them for the festivities to come!


Follow These 6 Simple Steps For Perfectly Curated Welcome Gifts:


Welcome gifts are fun and beautiful but can quickly add up. If you aren’t careful, you can easily go over budget. First step is to decide how much you want to spend on each gift. Your budget should include the baskets, bags or boxed you are providing the gifts in, the items included in the gifts, packaging supplies and delivery costs.

Pro-Tip #1: Email companies you are wishing to purchase gifts from, provide them with information of your welcome gifts and ask if they will provide a price decrease if bought in bulk.


Creating a theme throughout your gift will make them feel highly thought out. Whether your wedding theme is tropical, garden party or you wish to design around your wedding color story, building your gift with this in mind will help give you direction when incorporating your items and details.



There are countless items you can place in your welcome gifts! Deciding on your theme as mentioned prior to this step will help narrow down which items to include. Important items to complete your welcome gifts are salty and sweet snacks, beverages, an itinerary for the wedding weekend and welcome/thank you note to your guests. Other choices include a list of your favorite restaurants and local shops, a special items from your city or state your wedding is being held and small items such as sunscreen, hand sanitizer, band-aids and pain relievers. If you follow these guidelines for possible items to include you won’t miss a beat when preparing your gifts!

Follow this check list for all possible items!

Box, bag or basket

Salty snacks

Sweet snacks

Chocolates or candies


Wedding weekend itinerary

Welcome and thank you note

List of favorite restaurants and local shops

Special pieces from the city or state of the wedding and home states

Map of the city

Transportation schedule

Pain reliever


Hand sanitizer


Stain remover

Blanket, beach towel or scarf

Pro-Tip #2: When purchasing your beverages or snacks, consider placing enough for two guests in each gift!


Your guests are going to enjoy their gifts and appreciate the time you put into creating them, so add a little extra flair with a personal touch! This can be a tag attached with your monogram or wedding logo, a customized inked stamp you apply to the bag or box or as simple as a ribbon tied to the gift that coordinates with your wedding colors.  You can also personalize the gift with your guests’ name on the bags or with a heartfelt thank you note, creating an extra welcoming feeling!



After you have carefully and thoughtfully chosen your items, assembled your gifts and added the personalized details it is now time to deliver these beauties and wow your guests! Will you deliver in person at a small and intimate welcome gathering, store them behind the front desk of the hotel for guests to receive when they check in or ask they be placed in their rooms? However you decide to distribute your gifts, keep in mind there may need to be some coordination on your end to ensure the process is smooth.  

Pro-Tip # 3: Confirm with the hotels if there is a delivery fee for the gifts to be placed in your guest’s rooms. This could be an unexpected charge you did not foresee.  


Most important step to remember, HAVE FUN! Do not let this process become daunting. Enjoy the thought of your guests receiving your gift and truly feeling appreciated.  You are taking the time to assemble your welcome gifts because you want your guests to feel special and included in your celebration. Sticking to your budget and having fun with the process will leave you with another wonderful wedding memory! 



Photography: Courtney Dueppengiesser

Macaroons: Thyme Square

Florals: Lavish Floral Design

Stationery: LOinLONDON